John Griffiths - 3D Artist
+44 (0) 7817 233621

CV... In brief
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Autodesk XSI
Adobe Photoshop, Flash and Premiere CS3
Unity 2.5

2008 - 2009 - NCCA, Bournemouth University
MA 3D Computer Animation,
Classification, Distinction

2004 - 2007 - University of Leeds
BA(Hons) Communication and New Media,
Classification, 2:1

Jan 2008 – Sept 2008 - Hammer Design, Hathersage
- Employed as a freelance Flash designer/developer
- Worked in Flash design, animation and development

Oct 2007 – Sept 2008 - University of Leeds, on behalf of Eureka!, Halifax
- Creation of a new interactive kiosk for children
- Assigned role of lead animator for production

About Me... Professionally

I have recently graduated from the NCCA at Bournemouth University with a Distinction in MA 3D Computer Animation.

My main area of expertise lies in environment modelling and texturing. I can produce anything from structures and vehicles to bookshelves and mugs through both high and low polygon modelling. I get a real sense of satisfaction when I build my own worlds and populate them with my own creations.

Having recently graduated, I am very keen to obtain a position of work in a professional production environment and am eager to expand my already proficient skill set in the area of environment creation.

From my degrees, schooling and past work opportunities I have developed valuable skills in leadership, organisation, teamwork and problem solving. I'm enthusiastic, have a strong work ethic. I work well under pressure while remaining personable and good humoured.

About Me... Unprofessionally

I've always been interested in building things. From an early age I was found rummaging in the Lego box for that 'all important' piece only to smash my creations to bits while recording the moment on VHS with my brothers.

As I grew up I took a particular interest in video games and cartoons, and focused on graphic design and traditional art throughout my school education. During my Bachelors degree I made various 2D Flash animations and stop motion pieces before turning my hand to studying 3D at the NCCA.

When I'm not found with my eyes glued to a computer monitor I do lead some normal kind of existence! Drawing is one of my favourite pastimes and I have been known to play the occasional game of football. I do a fair amount of gaming and prefer games that have immersive storylines. I also really enjoy manic multiplayers (yes, I'm looking at you Super Smash Brothers...)

On another note, I love tea - just milk, no sugar.


Name: John Griffiths

Phone: +44 (0) 7817 233621




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Archive... Past and present work

The thumbnails below are a few examples of my 2D and 3D work. I have provided a short description of each one to tell you a little more about the projects. For a Flash version of my old portfolio, please click here to open or download it. Please note, you will need Flash Player to view this file as it is in .swf format.

Masters Project game with authentic Wii game box
The game environment from the players persepective
From concept to completion: a damaged farm building
Modelling turntable: the windmill structure
The players view of part of the abandoned shipping yard
An overview of the yard in the game editor
Life drawing work: series of 1 and 2 minute female sketches
Life drawing work: series of 1 and 2 minute male sketches
Life drawing work: three 15-20 minute female drawings
Stills from work I did for a national museum
A still from my second stop motion short
Character designs from my BA(Hons) final piece
A character sheet displaying the characters emotions
A pen and water drawing of a tree branch
A pen, water and paint cityscape piece
A pencil drawing of the twin towers ruins

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